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How to Make Money With NFTS

Happy senior businessman holding money in hand while working on laptop at table
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NFTs are the future. They’re going to be an important part of the Internet. Especially for creators.

They’re still in their infancy. But who knows where things can go?

Regardless of their age, they are proving to be 3 business models for NFTs.

However, I can almost guarantee you that…

Communities Beat Individuals Any Day of the Week

Man Working on a Laptop while Woman Takes Notes
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“I am because we are.”

This is an old Ubuntu saying. One that’s foreign to most Westerners today.

This quote shows the importance of the community. After all, no one can truly do it all on their own.

Think about your favorite creator. You wouldn’t know who they were if…

An Option Better Than Just Buying Bitcoin

Man in Blue and White Stripe Polo Shirt Holding Banknote
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Bitcoin has a lot of benefits over fiat currency. It’s decentralized, open source, and trustless.

But most importantly it’s a hedge against inflation.

Governments have been printing money for years now. But it got a lot worse with Covid. More people than ever bought Bitcoin in response.

But buying Bitcoin…

You Want Web3 Because Society Is Broken

Figurine of Human Skeleton Sitting In front of Computer
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Web3 is exploding in popularity. Lots of people think it’s because Web3 is great. To be fair, it kinda is.

But it begs the question.


It has a lot more to do with what we’re escaping instead of what we’re building.

Society is Miserable and Killing You

Imagine you went out into the wild and…

Michael Macaulay

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